A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

And the winner for Ugliest Thanksgiving Turkey goes to...


/crowd cheers.  I walk to podium, accept award, offer emcee a bit of white meat but he pretends not to see it.

I personally would like to thank the Academy for recognizing the amazing ugliness of my work, and also my family for actually daring to eat it.

The meal is finished (except for the pie--that comes later).   A little more than two days of cooking and I don't know how much money spent, and it's over.  In fact, the turkey did taste pretty darn good.  It looked truly, truly awful.  But then, anyone who's ever seen the clothes I wear every day knows I'm not one for presentation.  Oh, well.

For everyone reading this who celebrates Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful meal with people you love.  

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