A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

If I didn't write this LJ

I would never read it. Seriously.

So, in an attemtp to be more interesting to myself, I will talk about non-kid topics.[1]

Yes, that's Kim Jong Il and his good buddy the sleestak done in black velvet. Click on the picture to see more with the "custom velvet painting" tag. I think I like the Bat Boy best, but I'll bet this one was sent to Chris Matthews.

Of course, this led to another Fantastic Money-Making Idea which I gave away (for free!) to the guy in the next cubicle over: www.velvetTshirts.com.

Think about it: All you'd need is five stock images: Young Elvis, Sad Clown, The US President, A Poker-Playing Chimp (dressed) and Crying Jesus along with velvet T-shirts. Irony never goes out of style, good people. It'd be like printing money.

More kid-free posts to come.

[1]Not exclusively, I should add. I'll still post about the boy; I'll just post other stuff, too.
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