A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Remedial writing

You know what I need (aside from a billion dollars, a regular sleep schedule and my own fitness trainer)? I need a checklist.

Actually, I need a worksheet, not a checklist. I'd call it: "Burger's worksheet for coming up with a plot that will work."

Then I'd look at it a second time, get embarrassed, and change the title to "Plot Worksheet."

Here are some of the questions that would be on it:

What does the protagonist want?

What does the antagonist want?

Will there be more than one antagonist? Yes.

Please list three additional antagonistic characters/forces:

What will the setting be?

How does the setting tie in to the goals of the characters listed above?

And so on.

Because I've been wandering around trying to work up a plot for Man Bites World, but all I have are the characters and the settings. And it's taken until just half an hour ago that I realized the question I should be asking is: What the hell do these people want?

Good thing it only took me three days to realize that's how I needed to do it.
Tags: man bites world, progress, reasons i suck

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