A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

The VP debate

Most campaigns talk about the trouble their candidates have in debates in order to lower expectations. McCain/Palin had Palin talk like a stammering fool beforehand and the staff praised her debating skills.

But whatever. Biden smoked her.

Sure, she exceeded the meager expectations everyone had for her--she boldly came out against nyoo-kyooler war, for instance--but she was only able to respond to a couple of Biden's crits, and she flat out admitted that she wasn't going to answer questions she didn't want to answer. Oh, and she actually used the last 8 years of Republican mismanagement as evidence that government doesn't work.

That's a big lose.

God, it's weird the way the GOP keeps talking about Reagan. Reagan campaigned nearly 30 years ago. His message was effective in his time, but Christ, people, look to the future.
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