A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Five things

First, something annoying: When I logged in to LJ, I discovered that my default userpic had been changed. That's infuriating. I changed it back and changed my password, too, but I can't stand the idea that someone was fiddling around in my journal. I suppose I'll have to read back through my entries to see if they changed anything.

Second, I finished entering all the changes I made on the paper copy of Everyone Loves Blue Dog. I cut 12K out of it--now it's just over 97K, which is longer than I promised but acceptable (if the story works).

Unfortunately, my back is aching, my eyes are worn out and I'm exhausted. And I'm not done with it. I have to read through it again, just to be sure. I'm not sure I can have it done by the 15th, when my agent asked me to send it to her, but I'll do my best. Unfortunately, "my best" means more days of ignoring my family. I don't think I like deadlines.

Third, via suvudufeed a blog entry by my editor about Title Information sheets. Interesting stuff.

Fourth, a recurring theme in the discussion of the current fiscal crisis is that loans to the poor, especially loans to poor minorities, are responsible for the subprime mess. Now so, says this economist.

Fifth, I don't care how great the original show was, or how awful the American version is by comparison--the first episode of ABC's LIFE ON MARS was awesome.
Tags: everyone loves blue dog, internet, politics, publishing, wasting time

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