A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Time-Wasting Tuesdays - Early Edition

Since tomorrow will be a crazy day, I thought I'd paste my free web game tonight.


It's Halloween (almost) so I thought I'd post this simple puzzle game with a laughing skull and lots of castle, thunder and lightning. It's a pretty simple game: select a series of blocks in a square shape and they will rotate a quarter turn clockwise. Turn the blocks until the skull is reunited with its body (and you'll be rewarded with his devilish laugh).

Which sounds so simple as to be boring... except that different blocks have different rules.

It's a fun game from a company that's been making a lot of fun games lately (Nitrome, if you're curious). And you can totally mute the music. Check it out, and Happy Halloween.
Tags: wasting time

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