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Hoo boy


I stayed up to watch both Kolchak movies (THE NIGHT STALKER and THE NIGHT STRANGLER). Verdict: the first is much stronger. It's genuinely frightening in places and gloriously cynical. It also has much stronger characters. Even Kolchak himself was much more toned down and believable (somebody remind me to post about the tendency of characters in a series to become caricatures of themselves as the series goes on).

Which isn't to say THE NIGHT STRANGLER wasn't fun. Sure, the secret, undiscovered part of the Seattle Underground was preposterous to the point of hilarity and the show's tendency toward ominous voice over while beautiful women walk down lonely, dark streets was already getting old, but it's still full of strong characters and genuine tension.

Unfortunately, that meant I didn't get to bed until midnight on a day when I woke at 5 on too little sleep. Salad Eater roused me this morning with "Aren't you going to work?" and I realized I had ten minutes to dress, grab the library books I need to return and sprint for the bus. (Ouch. Knee.)

No writing this morning. No coffee. No food. When I arrived at the office, not only was there no coffee ready, the entire machine was disassembled. I can't drink from a disassembled coffee maker, people!

And I'm heading to the UW Bookstore at the end of the day to hear suricattus read. So... busy.

Not only that, but my editor sent me a note yesterday asking for dedications or acknowledgements for Child of Fire. As I was on my way to a dentist appointment (Mango Eater was getting one at the same time) I couldn't work on it. I still haven't sent it. I suck, and then some.

Now to get back to the job I'm supposed to be doing.
Tags: film, harvest of fire, reasons i suck, wasting time

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