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Here. Have some links.

Paul Krugman on the power vacuum during the worst part of this economic crisis.

As disgusting as I find this woman, I hope she is not convicted. This quote from the article explains why:

By essentially equating the violation of usage agreements with computer hacking into a computer, a guilty verdict in this case could have widespread implications for future prosecutions under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, said Matthew Levine, a former federal prosecutor.

I *really* don't want our government prosecuting citizens for making fake online identities or saying cruel things.

Two complementary links: The Economist blames the Republican's electoral defeat on its "divorce from intelligentsia" and the loss of well-educated voters. Meanwhile, a well-educated Wall Street Journal editorialist blames the fiscal crisis on secularism and the War on Christmas. Honestly, people, it's not about how educated your are or how smart you are. It's whether you're part of the reality-based community.

And, finally, John Dingell has been ousted as the head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Man, things are not looking good for the auto industry right now. On the flip side, things just got better for the entire rest of the world.

Edited to add: lolfed.com!
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