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A quick health care link

Here it is.

Take a look at the top and bottom rows of that chart. The top row shows the percentage of people who think their country's health care system needs only slight changes. The bottom row shows the percentage who want to completely dump the current system and bring in something new.

The more centralized the health system is the more satisfied people are with it. Yeah, large numbers of people call for "fundamental changes," but they do that in the American system, too. Everyone bellyaches about healthcare in every country. But a huge proportion of U.S. citizens think our system needs to be rebuilt from scratch. I agree, but I realize the political situation makes that problematic.

I'm hopeful that the new administration will open up Medicare to everyone who wants to sign on (while instituting cost controls) I'd sign on in a heartbeat and work out a new family budget with an eye toward dropping my dayjob.

Reform needs to happen, though, and as citizens we have to be ready for the pushback that comes from anti-reform forces now that we have an administration that could turn the desire for change into actual policy.
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