A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

I offer to you...

... the sweet, sweet fruits of globalization.


Yeah, I'll be seeing this movie. Not in the theater, but I'll definitely see it.

On another topic, a couple days ago nick_kaufmann said on his blog that one of the ways to become more popular on LJ is to be funny.

Now, I can be funny. I can make the laugh. But I never sit around thinking of funny things to say. I can only be funny when I'm responding to something. So I think I sometimes write funny comments but never write funny posts.

I would say I planned to do something about this, but if Salad Eater found out I was going to put more time/energy into the internet, she'd dump a bucket of recycling over my head. (Luckily, I can see her sneaking up behind me in the monitor.)

Edited to add: No one should ever write dialog for their own pet. And that animated head shows more head tics in two minutes than George Clooney in a season's worth of ROSANNE.

I know people love their pets and all, but... Brrrrrr. Creepy. (via nihilistic_kid)
Tags: film, reasons i suck, the wife

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