A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Mango Eater is still asleep, ten minutes to eight on a school day, because his school is opening two hours late. Again. The reason? Near as I can figure, snow on Saturday evening and three straight days of below-freezing temps since.

Seriously, people in New England and the midwest. School is starting two hours late because it's 21 degrees out.

Oh, Seattle. How helpless the weather makes you. (Unless this is an excuse to save money, in which case, screw you.)

In other news, want to be in a reality tv show? ABC is casting.

Also, here's the trailer for the new Wolverine movie. Interesting fact: On NPR years ago, I heard Liev Shrieber talk about how much he hates horror movies because of the violence. Now he's cast as young-Sabertooth. I'm sure there's a satirical Hollywood picture in that somewhere.

On a more serious note: Primary care doctors in the U.S.A. are struggling. Money quote: Others have abandoned poor and working-class patients altogether, opening so-called concierge practices that require clients to pay an annual retainer of $1,500 or more and to submit their own insurance claims. At the end of the article, the featured PCP has dumped her practice, sold everything for pennies on the dollar and encouraged her patients to seek care elsewhere.

My own doctor (someone I work for) is getting out of primary care, too. He's going in to dermatology. Our health care sector is already hard on PCPs. They don't make much money, the multitude of insurance plans makes billing a huge, expensive pain in the ass and when times are bad people put off doctor visits.

That last point is something I've noticed myself. Since the credit crisis, it's a lot easier to find a same-day appointment at work. People are putting off physicals, not to mention appointments for chronic conditions like diabetes, because they can't afford it.

Reform. Reform. Reform. Reform. Reform.

Also, the Senate Armed Services Committee's final report on torture. Not pretty.

On a lighter note: My editor talks about writing catalog copy. It sounds like writing queries for a living, doesn't it? ::shivers::

And, to close this painfully long post on an even lighter note: 12 funny demotivational posters. Found via TNH's Participles.

Next post, hopefully, will be about HOGFATHER. The whole family watched the finale last night. It was great! Also, it didn't quite work. I hope I can figure out why.

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