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At this time last year, I was all ZOMG I HAVE AN AGENT![1] and working on the proposal for Everyone Loves Blue Dog. Well, just this morning I dug up my that proposal and took a look at it. It was mostly setup: The setting, the characters, the supernatural creature and most importantly, everyone's goal. It occurred to me that I was already past that point on Man Bites World--I still haven't worked out the macguffin, but I know who, what and why, and I know how they come into conflict.[2]

So, I'm writing the proposal for my agent. The interesting thing about it is that it's forcing me to address certain story elements that have been pretty fuzzy so far. It's a bit like exercising--being forced to use weak muscles even though you'd rather favor the strong ones. Fun[3].

I'm also pleased/nervous that this book is going to go in a different direction than the last two. If I'm lucky and clever, it should have a very different feel to it.

Now, to bed so I can get up early and get back to work (weather permitting).

[1]By the way: ZOMG I HAVE AN AGENT AND A PUBLISHER! It still doesn't seem real.
[2]The ELBD proposal didn't even include an ending. That's partly because the only thing I knew about the end was how it would make me feel. I had no idea how the plot would get me there.
[3]of a sort.
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