A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Like an idiot, I ran for the bus this morning

Why, I ask you? Why? I should have gone back to bed.

The snow is still falling, seven hours after my last post. Many of the clinics I work for opened late and closed early--in fact, the one just down the road from us is closing at 3pm because of the weather. We are not closing that early, as far as I know.

In fact, the snow is supposed to stop this evening when the temps drop. That's unusual for Seattle, where most snow showers turn to rain. Currently, we're expecting 2-8 inches, depending how high up you live; I realize that's a laughable amount for some of you folks, but we're not set up to deal with it here. I'm not even sure I'll be able to take a bus home.

Worst of all, the director of our department promised to buy us all lunch for coming to work during the storm, but it's nearly 1 pm and it hasn't arrived. I mean, god forbid a fat guy should have to wait for food.

In other news, my copyedited manuscript goes into the mail (to me) later today or tomorrow. Yay! I asked my editor to send it to my in-laws' house, since I'll be arriving there early on Tuesday. (I also asked her to address it to "Burger 'Soon to be Wildly Successful' Eater" to impress my wife's parents. I dunno if it'll work, so cross your fingers for me.)

Weirdly, she tells me that the copyedit is pretty clean. Who would have thought?

And my beef and bleu sandwich has arrived (nom nom nom) so I'll sign off.

eta: The office is closing at 4 pm today, so I'll be trying to get home before the overnight ice strikes.
Tags: harvest of fire, i look bad, publishing, reasons i suck

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