A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Weather update

Venturing out this morning, I found that the roads are essentially unchanged from yesterday. The streets are still icy, the buses are still on snow routes and cars are still sledding down the big hill near our apartment without chains.

I managed to return two canvas bags full of library books this morning (they would have come due while we were out of town) and I finished my rough draft of my proposal for Man Bites World, although it needs cutting.

And I have pictures to post of yesterday's sledding. I even managed to fall on the ice more than once.

Still, we're expecting another huge storm tonight: 4-8 inches for Seattle and to the east they're expecting sustained winds of about 50 mph with gusts to 90 mph. And because the high pressure system is in the Cascades (that is, east of us) we won't be sheltered in the snow shadow of the Olympics.

I mention this because we're expecting nasty weather and power outages tonight and tomorrow. I may not be around much.

Tonight, if I can and we've finished getting ready for our trip, I'll post the pictures of the political-sign sledding we did.
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