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Edit: The pictures are now down.

As I've mentioned before, I'm contractually obligated to provide an author photo to Del Rey. "It shouldn't look posed" is pretty much the only advice they gave me.

So, I bought Salad Eater a really nice camera and, on my last full day at her parents' house, managed to drag her outside for a quick photo shoot.

Like most people, I don't like the way I look in pictures. Unlike most people, I have damn good cause to dislike the way I look. Still, a contract is a contract, and I don't think I'm going to get out of this one. So, like eeknight, I'm going to post some pictures and ask which you like best and why. Unlike eeknight, my descriptions won't be funny.

But first, this is my favorite author photo:

It's very stylish and clean, doesn't look staged and is generally cool. It doesn't hurt that the author (Judith Berman) has written a great novel so on so forth. But that photo is just a great choice. If I thought I could get away with something like that, I'd stick a fish hook through a wine cork and stab my ear with it.

Anyway, the choices (and a poll) are behind the cut.

Warning: Do not view these pictures if you have a glass (and therefore easily cracked) monitor!

Picture one: Me trying to work something out of my teeth.


Picture two: I call this one "Meet the Pores"


Picture three: Showing off my part.


Picture four: Unibrow? What's that?


Picture five: We don't know each other well enough to be this close


Picture six: Srs ritrs dont smile


This poll is closed.

Which picture would be the least disastrous author photo?

Picture one!
Picture two!
Picture three!
Picture four!
Picture five!
Picture six!
None of the above. Have one taken with your hand on your chin
Can't you put glasses on a shaved ape and take a pic of that instead of you?

Thanks for voting! And if you think one or more would be better in B&W, let me know.
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