A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Sanjay Gupta

This post by Ezra Klein goes quite a long way toward reassuring me about Sanjay Gupta moving into the surgeon general's office.

It's not that I have any great affinity for Michael Moore. I like some of what he does and find the rest exhausting. I was also unable to watch SICKO, the documentary that Gupta and Moore famously clashed over, because an opening scene showed a man stitching his own injury together and I had to turn it off.

But the impression I got from the show and the discussion afterward was that Gupta was wrong and refused to be corrected. He smiled and shrugged and blindly insisted his information was spot on, which is not the sort of government we need. Klein's explanation of why Gupta was wrong and how important it was eases my mind.
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