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When the good folks at Making Light declare a certain person is "the greatest blogger alive" and then drop a link as evidence, I read it. You should, too.

Six or seven years ago, when I was working for The Seattle Times, company execs all but admitted that they spent millions to change the JOA that allowed both papers to share the Times' printing and advertising departments in order to create a one-paper town.

Now they're getting their way. Which sucks, because although I technically worked for the Times, I thought the P-I was a better paper. Sure, they were owned by an out-of-state corporation and therefore awful, rotten and generally no good, if you believed the cultish boosterism of the employee orientations new Times employees endured. But they're a better paper.

Ah, well.

Finally, I took a look at a couple of my posts from January '08, specifically the troubles I was having with the outline for Everyone Loves Blue Dog. I was really flailing around and angsting over it, but I think it all turned out well. The book took longer than I'd planned, but I think it's damn good.

Man Bites World has a shorter deadline, but because I've done this once already, a lot less stress. In a way, that's good because I have fewer distractions (having a contract on hand helps, too). I just have to be careful not to let my focus and energy falter.

Which is my way of saying the outline for book three is moving ahead pretty well.
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