A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

In which I comment on The Christmas Invasion

I watched Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion on CBC.


There were nice moments but overall it was not that fabulous. Poor What's-his-name had to take over the role from the very charismatic Eccleston, and he had to do it while lying helpless in bed, in his pajamas. It wasn't exactly a wonderful intro to the character.

Add to that the under-thrilling sword-fight climax, the less-than-rousing "this planet is defended!" speech and Rose's meltdown into a helpless, weepy wimp, and you had a middling episode. I loved the killer tree, the blood control resolution and they way they showed Rose's reaction to the Doctor's regeneration. The whole bit with the PM was terrific, too. Still, there were a few too many easy choices.

Swordfight. Sheesh.
Tags: wasting time

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