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Who is this guy?

When I signed on with Del Rey, they asked me for a biography. Unfortunately, my biography is so unbearably dull that, instead of providing one, I gave them a list of things that didn’t kill me.[1]

  • A tumble down a flight of stairs onto a concrete basement floor when I was five
  • Beatings by nuns in elementary school
  • Beatings by junior high public school kids
  • Daisy’s green dock light of hope
  • A combination of a good friend, a sports van and several six-packs
  • An avalanche of beers and bong hits beyond that
  • A Separate Peace
  • Years as a fan of ’70’s and ’80’s heavy metal
  • Ten months living on a couch in a friend’s Seattle apartment
  • Seven years picking up dirty towels and flushing urinals at a gym
  • Four exceedingly gentle attempts by my then-girlfriend, now-wife to break up with me
  • That guy in the Volvo who turned in front of me, nearly snagging my front bicycle tire on his rear bumper
  • A long string of menial jobs answering phones, filing and making copies.
  • My son (so far)
  • Deadlines
  • This book (whichever it happens to be)

[1] For values of “kill” that include ruining my life or making me miserable.

If you need to contact me, email me at harryconnolly at sff dot net.

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