A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Four things

A routine traffic stop in Florida turned up a man who faked his own death in 1989. He isn’t being charged with a crime and claims to have abandoned a fiancee and a child twenty years ago because he had grown paranoid about his “narcotics-related activity.”

Two men in New Zealand, after being convicted and sentenced, were being taken to jail when they made a break for it. Handcuffed together, the men fled across a parking lot, only stopping when the men tried to run on opposite sides of a light pole.

There’s video at that site.

The men had been pepper sprayed in their escape attempt, so I’m guessing they were running blind.

And, watching SUPERNATURAL, I realize I have no interest in seeing Sam and Dean’s high school years.

Finally, I just listened to Michael Pollan talk about healthy food and healthy eating. Interesting stuff, and not the usual “low carb/low fat” dumbosity.

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