A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Something disturbing I just realized

Annoying Wordpress has a word counter at the bottom of this “Add New Post” window, telling me how long my posts are. First, sorry for being long-winded.

Second, that previous political post was over 500 words long, and I wrote it in about 20 minutes here at my desk.

Why is that disturbing? Because on days that I work my day job, my daily writing goal is a measly 500 words. I have about an hour, hour and fifteen minutes to hit that goal.

And sometimes I don’t make it. Cripes, it’s not the typing that’s hard, it’s focus and knowing what comes next in the story. If I could manage that, I’d be way, way more productive.

I need to come to my work more prepared.

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Tags: progress, reasons i suck

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