A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

“Something fell on my leg.”

DOLLHOUSE. I watched it. It wasn’t what you’d call fun or exciting, but it was a show that lasted an hour on Friday night.

While I’m sure that it seems like a great concept to the actors and writers–new roles to play every week! Acting chops on display! Write in a new genre every script! Hooray for variety!

But isn’t the point of a TV series to give the audience a lead character they will know and identify with? Because they don’t have that here. They just have this vacuous, child-like nothing.

One thing I did like about the show was the parallels they drew between the pretend character’s pretend memories of abuse and the actual character’s actual abuse–she even lies down in a sealed box just the way the little girl is sealed in that refrigerator.

But yeah. Kinda dull.

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Tags: wasting time

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