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Five things make a post

1-- Finished The Middleman by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Amazon.com, Indiebound.org) and... yeah. It was a fun book that completely came apart in the last few pages. It had humor and style and that gonzo weirdness that modern comics likes to run with. Then, the end. It was like finding a piece of ass in the last bite of a really satisfying burger.

I wish I'd been able to follow the show when it was on the air. Maybe I need Tivo.

2-- Read Jessica Farm by Josh Simmons (Amazon.com, Indiebound.org) today. It's a weird project; he decided to create one page a month of this graphic novel and has been working on this one story for years. The medium-length trade I picked up took eight years to create.

It's a strange book. The story covers a young woman who wakes up on a warm Christmas morning and does everything she can to avoid going downstairs to see the amazing presents her abusive father has promised her. Instead, she wanders around the huge house, talking to all sorts of strange beings, including a tiny jazz band who perform a concert for her and several dozen other Lilliputians in the attic.

The farmhouse is not only full of strange creatures to talk to (not all of them friendly)--it's also full of strange spaces--gigantic towers and cozy homes at the bottom of dark pits, and so on. The story lacks a sense of unity that might come from working on a project from start to finish, and instead has a weird, dream-like quality. The protagonist seems very young at the start, but the writer seems to have decided to age her up within the space of a couple pages.

It's weird and contradictory, and not for kids. I hope the author can stick with it for the forty years (or whatever) he's planning to put into it.

3-- Today is the last day the Seattle P-I will be putting out a print edition. It's not a surprise--they've been struggling for years, and their circulation has lagged behind The Seattle Times for years. Still, although I didn't subscribe to either daily paper, I preferred the PI. It wasn't full of the anti-tax craziness the Times is.

Seattle is down to one daily paper, and the one we have left is struggling. We'll see how it shakes out, and I hope the PI's online-only venture works out for them.

4-- Today was St. Patrick's Day, but it never occurred to me to wear green. I hardly left the house anyway. Yesterday we had our Patty's Day meal--Reuben sandwiches. In the past, I would make corned beef and cabbage, and the next day the leftovers went into reubens. In fact, I would buy two hunks of meat to make sure we'd have enough.

It took an embarrassingly long time for me to accept that I didn't much like corned beef and cabbage, so why not cut straight to the leftovers? I did keep the traditional dessert, though--a molasses gingerbread with baked apples. Salad Eater loves it, and any idea I had to surprising her with it went out the window when she came home from work, took one sniff and yelled "You made the gingerbread!"

Yeah, I got husband points for that.

5-- Finally, I've been trying to juggle around my daily schedule so I could write at different times, but it doesn't work. I have to get up early and duck out to the coffee shop. There's just too much that needs doing around the apartment, and it's too, too easy for me to get up and unload the dishwasher when I reach a difficult paragraph. Tomorrow, it's back to the early morning writing time, and it's back to Man Bites World.
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