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Earlier this week, the_monkey_king announced that he was giving away his old monitor to anyone who needed it.

I needed it and said so. Being a nice guy, he gave it to me. Today. He even dropped it by my home.

Woo-hoo! It's huge. I've always been self-conscious about my... you know... size. I've bought new computers over the years when old ones bit the dust, but I never replaced things that still worked. Like the Gateway monitor I bought back in 1994. Why bother buying something new? I didn't need it.

Well, I didn't have to buy this. It fell into my lap. (Actually, it pulled up in front of my house and I went out to get it.) And it's nice.

My old screen was something like this:

My new screen:

And I'm not exagerating at all. Nope. Not a jot.

Tiny Tyrant was pleased to meet the_monkey_king. After I met him at the door and shook his hand, Tiny did the same thing, then introduced himself with his full name. He also "helped" me carry the monitor up the front stairs. I seem to get a lot of help lately, and I'm very grateful.

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    Oh, yeah, excellent point.
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    Oh yeah. Like the lawyers who get obvious really venal criminals off because it makes their success rate look good. But those are not the ones I am referring to in meaning well. These guys are mixed…
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    This reminds me of the time my wife was injured and the insurance guy handling her case did everything possible to deny and stall the payment. We had to put her surgery on a credit card because this…
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    The creepiest part is that some of them are actually well meaning.
  • 14 Jan 2019, 19:08
    Yeah. It's godawful what people will do when they have authority and no fear about using it.
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