A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Jeez, I'm behind on everything

First of all: Go Vermont! My wife and I have been talking about where we would go if we could ditch out of Seattle. Score one for New England and the Vermont legislature.

Second: Egg gambling! Obviously, another book I need to give to my wife.

Third: Speaking of my wife, she's been taking mega doses of iron and vitamin D, per her pcp's orders, and it's making her nauseous. She's taking it with food (mild carbs, in fact, to mitigate the effect) but I'd be grateful for a tip or two about dealing with vitamin-based blech.

Fourth: Waiting for health care? What does that mean? And is it even a meaningful question to ask? Quoting the editorial: "If someone can't afford care, we record their waiting time as zero. You don't wait for what you can't have. But a more accurate accounting would record that wait as infinite, or it would record when the patient eventually ends up in the emergency room because the original ailment went untreated." (A quick note: the writer of the article is a little sloppy with one stat: that the U.S. healthcare sector "costs more than twice as much per person as that of any other country." Actually, some countries are a little above our 50% mark. The second highest, Denmark, spends 67% of what we do. Americans spend twice as much as the average of all countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Fifth: Owen Davies, author of Grimoires: A History of Magic Books writes an article about the "top ten" grimoires in history, courtesy of The Guardian. It sounds pretty interesting.
Tags: interesting things, internet, politics, reasons i suck, the wife

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