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I am still reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, and I suspect it will be a couple more weeks before I'll find the time to finish it. No 52 books a year challenge for me.

Still, I'm loving the book. I knew I would like it after the second paragraph. But I don't want to talk about it right now.

I want to talk about this:

Life in the Big City by Kurk Busiek

This book, and the four that follow, are all compilations of Astro City comics written by Kurt Busiek. I loved it. From the first issue (again) I knew I was reading something wonderful.

I had heard about Astro City, of course. I'd heard that it was Good Stuff, but that the publishing schedule was erratic. What I never realized was how much I wanted these stories. These are the superhero stories I have wanted to read for years. If you like comic books but you haven't read these, you should. You absolutely should.

Read the one above, Life in the Big City, first. Volume 2 is Confession. Volume 3 is Family Album. I'm not sure whether Tarnished Angel or Local Heroes is next, but I don't think the order matters for those.

I'm not going to talk about them in too much depth. It's best to come at them with as little foreknowledge as possible. Suffice to say that the star of the series is the milieu. It's not a book about a person, or a small group of people like a superhero group or circle of friends. It's about Astro City, and all the people who live there. Each story, whether it covers one issue or several, comes out of the POV of a different person, whether superhero, supervillain or regular citizen.

The art is beautiful, too. Not eyeball-popping great, but clear, evocative, consistent and perfectly suited to the stories told within.

Being broke, I took these out of the library. When I come into some comfort money, I'm going to buy them. I hated giving them back. That said, I'm leaving in a couple hours to walk to the library. A new Kurt Busiek graphic novel is waiting for me on hold. I expect to like it, but not to love it the way I've loved Astro City. I'll be surprised if he can write with the same poignancy about corporate trademarks as he did with characters he created. Still, I'm going to give it a try.
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