A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

I was planning to post about the 2008 bestseller list

But hey, something else came up. What was it, you ask?


Why, it’s the advanced reader’s editions of my book!

Holy crap! I am holding my first book in my hand and I am walking on air. When I took them out of the envelope, I was stunned to see that they had covers on them. I don’t know why I assumed they’d have plain covers like those stacks of books I saw that time at The Strand, but I just stared and stared at it.

And I thought Christ! It’s huge!

I seriously thought it was the biggest mass market paperback I’d ever seen, and I had to compare it to the books on my shelf to convince myself it was the normal size.

Oh, hey! Wanna see the whole cover?

Child of Fire All Cover

It’s a little hard to read that text, but if you want to read the back cover text, check out this larger version of the file. It’s three copies of the book photocopied together, but I’m not tearing one apart for my blog. At that link you can see the blurbs from Jim Butcher, Terry Rossio and Sherwood Smith, and the back cover copy, too.

And now I’m going to bed. I have a scene to revise tomorrow, and suddenly it doesn’t feel daunting at all.


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Tags: harvest of fire, i look bad, life is great!, publishing

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