A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

This is tough

My week is split in two. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I’m stuck at my day job, sitting at a computer all damn day. At those times, I have no problem keeping up with my internet reading.

On Saturday through Tuesday, though, I’m home. I run errands, watch my son, cook and clean, and I write.

At least, I’m supposed to be doing all that stuff. What I find myself doing instead is keeping up with the internet, with my LJ friends list, sff.net newsgroups, mailing lists, and all the interesting links and articles that branch off from there.

I’ve got to cut back and skim. I enjoy reading about everyone’s lives (in fact, most of my friends list is devoted to the way people live their lives, and the differing voices they have) but I’m sacrificing things I shouldn’t by putting in all those hours, like writing and exercise. That needs fixing.

On top of that, we’re about to start homeschooling.

You’re going to see even less of me for most of the week from now on. Sorry about that.

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Tags: reasons i suck

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