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My last post was “This is tough” but this will be tougher

Today I worked on Man Bites World for a little more than an hour before my day job began. On those days, my daily goal is 500 words–just enough to feel I accomplished something in a limited time. On bad days I can feel okay about barely making it; on good days I can double it (or almost double it) and feel pretty good.

Today I wrote 200 words.

There’s no excuse for it. Yesterday was even worse–near as I can tell, I wrote negative one words.

Last night, though, I sat and talked quite a bit with my wife. I’ve been avoiding the Starbucks near my home because some of the other customers are too close and too gross, but working at home isn’t cutting it. Even when I’m out, though, or at a different coffee shop, I’m daydreaming, distracted and generally zoned.

Not that this is new. I’m *always* daydreaming, but I need to get my head clear and focus my daydreaming on the characters.

My wife thinks its a lack of sleep, customary depression following the end (hah!) of … Blue Dog and some overly self-indulgent calorie consumption. She’s right, too. But the only cure I know of is to brow-beat myself into looking at the laptop and only the laptop.

It had better work, too.

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