A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

There is also fun in the world

1) It puts the lotion on its skin. Why Archie is smart to propose to Veronica rather than Betty

2) “… Where health care reform becomes entitlement reform.” Ezra Klein on the effects of giving power to experts. Please please please get this right, President Obama, you hold-without-trial bastard.

3) Rebooted movie franchises are the new black! What movie franchise would you reboot? Explain, if you would, what you change. For me, it would have to be THE ROAD WARRIOR, but I would set it in a future where no one talked funny. Oh, and instead of searching for rare gasoline, everyone would just ride bicycles or drive solar cars. And instead of shooting crossbows, they’d throw snack cakes. What’s your idea?

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Tags: film, funny, internet, politics, reasons i suck

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