A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

“These are actual magazines”

My self-directed training to learn to be insufferably condescending continues today, and the variety of texts to choose from is astounding. Thank you, internet!

For instance: A woman who has apparently never heard of slash fiction writes an article about m/m romance novels targeted at women readers. I knew I was sitting at the feet of a master when the lede began “The romance novel, a static and predictable genre…” but it was the quote in the subject header above that really taught me the most.

I must say that I share Ms. Harris’s bemusment over the appeal of this subgenre. As a hetero male with an internet connection, I had no idea a person could thrill to same-sex carnal urges of their opposite gender. How baffling!

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Tags: internet, people, reasons i suck

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