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Links ‘n Stuff

Boring! What you need is an action scene! a webcomic about writing. :)

Why I read Savage Love. (Link NSFW, in case you didn’t realize. Check out the first letter). It’s not for the advice which is sometimes so-so but is absolutely perfect for that letter. It’s because those letters are a window into people’s private lives that I would never see otherwise–especially the crazy, twisted thought processes they go through.

Mother fails to recover custody of her children when she showed up for a psych evaluation with 13 beers in her. Apparently, the psychologist did not put much weight behind her claim that it was no big deal since she could “drink like a fish” and therefore wasn’t drunk.

Book Marketing 101: an introduction by Andrew Wheeler. A book marketer talks about his trade. It’s the first in a series, and I plan to follow them closely.

Huh. I appear to have left out the “stuff.”

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