A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

So I called the mac repair place yesterday. The guy said "3-7 business days" when I dropped it off Wed the 26th. Yesterday was day 7.

It turns out that he's not supposed to give date ranges. They won't commit to anything. They also won't contact the owner to keep them informed unless the work is finished or they need approval to do additional work. Also the guy I spoke to claimed that my computer was "on the technician's bench and the diagnostic was still being run" and this is more than a week after I dropped it off! Also, the technician wasn't available to talk on the phone (I didn't even ask for him, the guy volunteered the info before I could even think of it).

Translation: We haven't done anything on your computer and your call made us take it off the shelf.


I bought the stupid mac because Consumer Reports rated them highest in repairs, durability and customer service. And they suck!

Never again.
Tags: mac hate

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