A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Let me explain:

I get stuck when I’m writing a story, sometimes even “mired.”
You have writers block, which doesn’t even exist.

I struggle with a story because of “because of something I’m doing, or not doing.”
You get “Nerves and Vapors.”

I work hard to solve problems.
You lie on a couch eating bon-bons and wailing. Or you sit on a bar stool drinking booze and wailing. But there’s definitely wailing.

I put on my “big girl panties and deal.”
You are simply afraid and probably looking for sympathy.

I am a hard-working professional who deals rationally with my problems. Did you hear me? I’m regular folks.
You are an elitist artistic wannabe who behaves like a seven-year-old.

::is annoyed::

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