A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Eight Deadly Words, Twelve Excruciating Minutes

A good day today on Man Bites World. I enjoy the revision process when it involves punching up a scene, but I hate going through the rest of the scene to make sure I changed every detail every time. Annoying, but necessary.

Also I managed to get through the day without crawling under the covers. So there’s that.

And it’s Halloween time! Which means I watch scary (and supposedly scary) DVDs. Tonight I put in disk one to watch episode one of TRUE BLOOD. Twelve minutes. That’s all I could stand. That show was a parade of assholes obvious plot choices. Oh, it’s the good ol’ boy who’s the vampire?! What a shock! I’ve never seen that before, except for NEAR DARK. And the Gooch Brothers. And… ah fuck it. It’s not worth the time.

The characters who weren’t assholes were tiresome. Is it really so hard for people to have interesting conversations? To be at odds with each other without being complete creeps?

I should have put in the Louis Jordan DRACULA again.

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Tags: film, man bites world

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