A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

In which I have a happy moment

I just stopped by my local Borders and saw they had new stock to sign. Eight new copies of Child of Fire. This is the third time I’ve dropped by in the month since the book came out, and they’ve had new books on the shelf every time.

Also, the Amazon.com sales ranking is now lower (higher? How about “closer to 1″) than it’s been for three weeks. In fact, it was hovering around 25K yesterday, and has been in the teen-thousands (I made a word!) all morning.

Thank you, everyone, who has given the book a read and helped spread the good word. I’m tremendously grateful.

Also, ethelmay sources the “apartmently” story from a previous post. Thank you, too!

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Tags: harvest of fire, life is great!, publishing

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