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Please help

I’m trying to come up with some back cover copy for Game of Cages. This is a little rough and a little too long, but what do you think?

In the wilds of the North Cascades, near a small town called Washaway, a secret high-stakes auction is taking place. A select wealthy few have gathered to bid on a captured extradimensional entity known as a predator.

The peers of the Twenty Palace Society, powerful sorcerers all, are dedicated to protecting the Earth by destroying predators–as well as anyone who would summon or possess one. Left unchecked, a single predator could scour the earth of all life. But none of the peers are near enough to raid the auction, so it falls to Ray Lilly, an expendable “wooden man” with a few stolen scraps of magic and an investigator with no magic at all to surveil the event and identify the winning bidder for later sanction.

They arrive too late. One of the losing bidders has released the predator in an act of sabotage and it has fled to the nearby town to feed. Now all the bidders are tearing apart the town, trying to capture the creature for themselves. And unknown to Ray, one of them is a powerful magician the society has been hunting for decades, and more dangerous than any single predator. Even worse, he’s taken notice of Ray, and knows who and what he is.

Can Ray and the investigator hold out until help arrives? Or will they, and the entire town, be swept away in the conflict of these terrible powers?

Any input would be appreciated.

Update: copy sent. Thanks for your help, everyone!

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