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Reviews of Child of Fire, part five

More reviews behind the cut.

1) Patrick at SF Signal (and his own site, Stomping on Yetis) pretty much hates everything about it: “An unwelcome addition to the already bloated ranks of Urban Fantasy, Child of Fire breaks no new ground with inconsistent characterization and bland writing.

2) MightyGodKing (aka Christopher Bird) liked it with caveats: “Child of Fire is a strong first novel and Harry Connolly is a strong writer with a good modern-pulp feel to his work, and I like that.

3) The anonymous blogger at Population: One found it overly complex in the middle but still liked it a lot: “The scene where he confronts the source of the town’s problems is pretty darned good.

4) Mel at Polyphony Books gives it a huge thumbs up: “I had to take a little time between finishing this novel and reviewing it, which is not my usual MO. I didn’t want to come off as fanatically evangelical. I really enjoyed it.

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