A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Everything gets in the way.

I’m itching to be finished with Man Bites World, but things keep getting in the way. Today it was an old lady at Starbucks who said: “Can I ask you a question, please?” and when I said yes, started on a string of inquiries about my Mac Book, PCs, viruses, wireless, etc. etc. She was a sweet lady, but a little odd. Her voice reminded me of the sound a balloon makes when you stretch the opening tight and let air out a bit at a time. By the time she left, I’d completely lost my train of thought and had to pack up anyway.

The day before I had computer troubles. The day before *that* I missed my morning work time and, while trying to do a quick lunch hour session at the back table, was joined by the biggest extrovert in the office. He just couldn’t bear to sit quietly reading a book while I was there to talk to.

And I’ve learned that it just doesn’t pay to tell people to shove off, especially at day job.

Tomorrow I hope to have a lot more quiet and be much more productive.

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Tags: man bites world, progress, reasons i suck

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