A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Two months

It's been two months since Child of Fire was published, and I'm thinking it might be time to drop the book cover as my default userpic.

My original default was this one:

which I used to identify with for all sorts of odd reasons. But then I found myself dropping comments in threads where it was completely inappropriate: Poster: "I'm off to the hospital. My best friend was just injured in an awful falling piano incident. God, I hope she comes through okay." Me: "Best wishes to your friend." And that "out cold" image would be the icon. Inappropriate? Hell, yeah.

That's why I started using the wagon and lock image above. And I'm thinking I need to change back to it. I'm going to come to a point where I drop self-promotion in a place where it is absolutely not appropriate, and I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable with the hucksterism of posting my book cover everywhere.

Thing is, I'm really unsure how to judge this sort of thing. So I'm turning to an LJ poll.

Which is the best default icon?

book cover
wagon and lock
one of your other userpics (details in comments)
you're the only one that worries about this, no one else cares
Tags: internet, reasons i suck

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