A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Win a copy of CHILD OF FIRE

Even better, win a copy of many, many, many other books on Pat Rothfuss’s blog. Here’s the blog entry where CoF is mentioned, but don’t start there.

In case you’ve been on a media fast or something, Pat Rothfuss is having a second fundraiser for Heifer’s International, a charity that provides livestock for the world’s poor. Read this FAQ to find out more along with a critique of Batman (heresy!)

Seriously, it’s a great cause, and some of the prizes are big time–signed ARCs, marked up manuscripts, critiques of unpublished novels by industry pros, and lots and lots of books. I only wish I could have sent more than one book–that was literally my last copy. (I’ve ordered more from Random House, but these things take time.)

Check it out. Celebrate the season by helping those who need it. Get book-related swag in return. Seriously, this is what the internet was created for.

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