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How good the world is now

Years and years ago, I saw an animated version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL that impressed the hell out of me. The ghosts looked like ghosts and some care was taken at the start of the show to establish that this was a haunted story.

Plus, it had the scariest Jacob Marley ever.

Of course, this was back in the pre-information days, when I’d have no idea which “A Christmas Carol” it was, or when it would air again. There were several years when I spent the weeks before the holiday studying the TV Guide, searching for half-hour versions of the show in case I could fine The One.

I did, once. It aired on The Family Channel (the only time I ever watched that channel) and there was Jacob Marley, speaking out of his gaping, unmoving mouth. There was the ever-shifting Ghost of Christmas Past. There was Ignorance and Want, depicted as though they were already dead.

Then I couldn’t find it again.

Of course, now we’re living in the information age, and an obscure supernatural cartoon is content. Can the internet resist content? I think not:

Facebook users click this link.

Chuck Jones produced it. Alistair Sim is the voice of Scrooge, and he plays him differently than most actors do–less gruff and hostile, more weak and aggrieved. And of course there are the ghosts.

Hey, I realize the holiday is pretty much over, and being Christmas most of you are probably sick of it. But if you like really well done ghosts, check this one out.

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