A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

CoG Cover Art!

One of my LiveJournal commenters (thanks, geniusofevil!) mentioned that the cover art for Game of Cages is on the Amazon.com site, which I’m taking as explicit permission to post the art here:


Game of Cages

Mysterious house? Check. Red lightning? Check. Windbreaker and t-shirt in the dead of winter? Check. A facial expression that suggests someone needs some killin’? Check-check!

And, because this image is a little small, the text under my name says: “Author of Child of Fire, a Publishers Weekly best book of the year”

Thank you, generous PW peoples!

Side notes: the polish of Man Bites World continues–actually, it’s picking up pace as certain distracting domestic sleep issues have been resolving. Also, I received the contract for the Russian sale yesterday. I’ll read through them tonight and mail them back tomorrow. Then, more money!

I’ll call this a good day (so far).

UPDATE: I uploaded a larger image so it’s easier to see.

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