A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Randomness for 1/15

1) Riot Shield or Sled?

2) Sushi Etiquette.

3) Crowd-sourcing: tool of evil. At some point later I may want to talk about this in more depth, but I’m not sure how I’d approach the subject. Maybe what I’d like to see in the hypothetical example is people gaming the TURK system by choosing the least likely matches–they’d earn those same pennies while giving bad information; downside: I’d hate to be the guy who looks least like the person Iranian authorities are trying to ID. Hmm.

4) Topics That Are Not, In Fact, of Inherent Interest, and Do Require Some Effort On Your Part in Order to Constitute a Successful Book. Heh.

5) Translucent concrete. So cool. That blog has a number of interesting items there. via email.

6) Run Linux without Windows?? Preposterous!!! I suspect some of you are going to look at the main URL for that link and start combing your delete folder for some emails to submit. You know who you are.

7) If I lived a different sort of life, I would already own one of these. And I would love it.

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