A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Oh what a difference a shoe makes

In the past, when I wanted to think over a plot problem, I would take a long walk. I was one of those guys who slumped down the street, head lowered, probably muttering to himself (which is no longer so alarming thanks to cell phones), solving my stories as best I could.

Then came the pain. I’ve always had knee pain, but my ankles finally began to hurt, and my heels and my feet and… wow. It got bad. I was born with twisted legs, and they’ve always been a problem, but this was the worst thing ever.

I got to the point where I saved my walking time for family outings, but even then it was tough to keep up. I came home to ibuprofen and ice packs and “give me a couple minutes, okay?”

So, I made a trip to Super Jock and Jill, where a sales person named Kira had me walk back and forth in the store. She declared that I has pronation in my right foot (I’d thought I was supinating) and selected a pair of shoes for me.

It’s been a couple weeks, but the difference has been incredible. I still have pain, but it’s nothing like it was. Yesterday, I took a long walk. The pain was entirely manageable, and it’s entirely gone today. Sure, I have to wear these ridiculous-looking running shoes, but I can at least get out of the apartment and do some thinking again.

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