A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

"I don't like the new Facebook page"

This meme started here, when Google search results pushed a blog post about Facebook logins to the top of the page, and people accustomed to going to their favorite social networking site through search engines found themselves at this new site instead of Facebook.

What's more, they didn't understand that they'd arrived at a completely different site, and began complaining about "new Facebook login page" in the comments. And I don't mean one or two, either, but dozens and dozens of people.

It's possible this is a prank. In fact, I hope it is. Still, if it's real, it shows just how influential Google has become, especially among people with an extremely tenuous grasp on how the internet works. My wife is like this: if people weren't always giving her email addresses, she wouldn't own a computer at all and would be happy about it. She enters everything into the Google search window first, even URLs. In part, that helps her because she's quite dyslexic--Google will try to correct her spelling and won't punish her with a 404 window if she puts a space between words or whatever.

Google has become the simplified web interface that millions of people want for their internet experience. And as long as their search engine (setting aside their other efforts at the moment) continues to rank the way they do, it's pretty much fine. Once the company goes public, that neutrality might change.

More thoughts here.
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