A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

And I’m back

Thank you, Mac Freedom! At about 8:45 this morning, I set it to block internet access from my laptop for 6 hours. Then I got down to work.

With interruptions, of course. My local library branch is closed on Fridays due to budget cuts. I ended up working at home instead, which was fine because I’m still not feeling so hot. And for once, my family let me work relatively undisturbed. Also, the Mac Freedom timer stops when the laptop goes into sleep mode, so I get a genuine six hours of temptation-free work time. :D

Also, our local atm no longer uses envelopes when making a deposit. Who knew? You slip the check into the machine, it scans the numbers and asks you to confirm the deposit amount. Easy, right? Except that it’s slow as hell and completely annoying.

Anyway, I tore off a big chunk of the end of this book. I also rewrote 8 critical pages that my agent told me weren’t working (and she was so very right). I kept a lot, changed a lot and generally wrote a spookier, crazier scene than what I had before.

Tomorrow, the ending. Well, as much of the ending as I can manage. I have a bunch to change there, too.

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