A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

In which I grump

I'm full of discontent today. I just received an email for my wife (she doesn't do computers) from a friend of hers. It's full of links she asked him to send, and he wraps up the message with "And here are some pictures of the woman I'm dating tonight!!" And he attached an even dozen pictures of what I'm guessing is a very nice blonde woman, but wtf is it doing in my inbox?

I really have to stop thinking of my email as part of my front lawn or something. I get these unwanted pictures and it's like someone set up a kiosk by my front window and decorated it with his hopes for sexual fulfillment. Thank you for sharing. Please don't do it again.

Did you know that the shapes in flowcharts have specific meanings? Like, diamonds are decisions and rectangles are processes and a word balloon is a Sequential Access Storage (???). Well, I didn't know that. My bosses have had me making flowcharts for months, and only today did someone explain that those shapes don't just differentiate, they carry information on their own. Fabulous.

I'm at skip=90 on my flist and I can't catch up. My reading list is already too long, but there's nothing there I want to drop. I want a morning I can sleep in. I want to have pizza and beer tonight. I want the damn insurance company to call us about my wife's cpap machine. I want to spend a Saturday as a family day, not at Starbucks and the library working on this book.

I want i want i want. Day job ends in twelve minutes, and I am ready to sprint for the exit.
Tags: call center, internet, life is great!, reasons i suck

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