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A large duck

I remembered the title that I'd forgotten yesterday. What is it about having a quiet sit down in a tiny room that makes it so useful for remembering important data?

I finished Bear Daughter by Judith Berman last weekend, and I was impressed. The ending was a bit of a let down, but I would recommend this book readily to anyone, and I'll be looking for her next one. It was very good work.

I think I should go to her lj and tell her so.

I also read the graphic novel Vimanarama by Grant Morrison. I almost didn't pick this one up, because it didn't look terribly interesting to me, but as it turned out I loved it. It's very short, probably no longer than three comics, but it's beautiful and sweet and very charming (despite including a massive alien invasion, people burned to death and politicians forced to smooch decapitated heads).

Seriously, it's very sweet. I loved it.

We also watched Blade: Trinity Sunday night. What can I say? It's a well-executed but entirely boring psuedo superhero movie. I kept wishing the wisecracking human vampire killer had been the protagonist, because he was a) funny, b) charismatic, c) didn't mow down all the supposed villains like they were stacks of paper cups, and d) playing a character capable of several actual expressions, and not just snarl/notsnarl.

Honestly, I have a problem with "action" movies where the villains are dispatched so easily. If there's no real threat, there's no real interest.
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