A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Randomness for 6/15

1) Tee hee.

2) All fame is fleeting. Best-selling books of decades past.

3) Somehow, I don’t think Syfy is taking their movie originals very seriously.

4) How to keep someone with you forever.

5) A friend made a documentary called THUNDER SOUL about a famous high school funk band from the 70’s
and their reunion tour. Listen to the band here.

6) Quote from article: “The findings do not directly link playing video games to reckless driving. They only show an association. Researchers say the impact of playing games like “Grand Theft Auto” is minimal.” Headline to the same article: “Study: Video Games Linked To Reckless Driving.”

7) The original Last Panel of Little Orphan Annie.

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